Next Steps


Steve Sharp Science of Compassion

Imagine and pursue the understanding (and measurement) of consciousness as a fundamental part of reality, as fundamental as space and time, coexistent and interacting within a continuum. Attention physicists, mathematicians, artists.

Steve Sharp Science of Compassion

Imagine and see others as individuals living in unique personal universes, with god, ghosts and/or demons, etc., that are as real and imminent experientially to them as your beliefs or disbeliefs are for you.

Steve Sharp Science of Compassion

Develop the habit of performing random acts of kindness.

Steve Sharp Science of Compassion

Create scientific, academic and governmental agencies to investigate and collate information testing the crucial questions relating to the effects of compassionate response to societal problems.

It seems our future on this planet is endangered by divide-and-conquer forces of rampant ego gratification without regard to the consequences for others and the environment.

Love is the answer.

Balance the I with the We.


Steve Sharp Science of Compassion

Think of these things.
Imagine a different way.
Center yourself.
Share your thoughts and ideas to help make compassion a part of the normal decision-making process on a personal and global scale.
Let’s make compassion go viral.
Infect the world with love.

And NOW, the Final Step

Join the discussion, research the issues and/or donate to causes on the CONNECTIONS page.